EZCast Pro Box II

Connects to screen or projector via HDMI Optional: Free EZCast Pro App/Software

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EZCast Pro Box II

How exactly does the EZCast Pro Box II work?

The EZCast Pro Box II acts as a receiver during a wireless presentation and is connected to a display or projector via HDMI. You can cast your content using any of the following methods:

a) Simple Screen Mirroring

Use your device's own screen mirroring function. This includes Miracast for Windows/Android, Airplay for iOS/macOS or Chromecast in a Google Chrome browser. For simple screen mirroring you do not require the free EZCast Pro App or Software.

EZCast Pro Box II

b) The EZCast Pro App/Software

With the free EZCast Pro App for iOS/Android or EZCast Pro Software for Windows/macOS you can benefit from not only screen mirroring but many additional features such as Screen Sharing from multiple sources up to 4 devices simultaneously, Host Control and Live Camera Casting - to name just a few.

EZCast Pro Box II

Simple Setup

The EZCast Pro Box II is powered by the supplied USB charger. The Box can then be integrated into your network either via Wi-Fi or network cable.

EZCast Pro Box II

The Highlights

Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone

EZCast Pro devices can handle of all your devices. No matter if it's a notebook, tablet or smartphone: The EZCast Pro Box II supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Ultra HD (4K)

High Resolution displays are rapidly improving all the time. The EZCast Pro Dongle II won´t hold you back, 4K resolutions with 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30fps are supported.

Apple Airplay

You can use the built-in Apple AirPlay feature of your iPad or iPhone to mirror your screen. This means, in this case you do not need an App or Software.


Windows and Android devices can also share your screen content using Miracast. EZCast Pro Box II supports Miracast natively. This enables you to share your screen without requiring the EZCast Pro Software or App.


EZCast Pro Box II supports screen mirroring via Chromecast in your Chrome Browser for Windows or from the Control Center for Android and Chrome OS.

Free App/Software

Screen contents are either shared from the Box to the screen or projector using the free EZCast Pro Software (Windows/macOS) or the EZCast Pro App (iOS/Android).

Up to 4 screens simultaneously

Wouldn't it be great to be able to present more than one screen at once? Now you can. EZCast Pro Box II supports up to 4 devices sharing 1 screen simultaneously by using the EZCast Pro App or Software.

Touch Back Support

The Touch Back feature allows you to wirelessly interract with a computer via your display's touch screen. Touch gestures with up to 10 finger gestures can be sent back to your computer wirelessly via the receiver. The requirement for this is the usage of the free EZCast Pro Software for Windows and macOS.


ProCast is a broadcast of one screen to multiple displays i.e. from a Windows PC or macOS computer to multiple large displays. With EZCast Pro II Box you can share to up to 8 displays.


The EZCast Pro Box II (in contrast to the EZCast Pro Dongle II) can also be integrated into your environment via the LAN port. This is especially advantageous in places where Wi-Fi signal is poor or unavailable.

Castcode Security

When using the EZCast Pro App/Software, Airplay or Miracast you can optionally ensure that only those in the room can mirror their screen by requring all participants to enter a code displayed on screen before casting can begin.

Broadcast video and audio to up to 8 displays simultaneously

With the free broadcast software ProCast for Windows and macOS you can either mirror or extend your screen to up to 8 other displays.

ProCast requires each display or projector to be connected to either an EZCast Pro Dongle II or an EZCast Pro Box II via HDMI in order to transfer the content.



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EZCast Pro Box II
EZCast Pro Box II

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EZCast Pro Box II

EZCast Pro Box II

Dimensions (W x D x H) 120 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm (without antenna)
Color Black
Power supply DC-in 5V/2A, PoE 5V/3A
CPU AM8270
Maximum Resolution 4096 x 2160 (24fps) or 3840 x 2160 (30fps)
LAN Standard Gigabit with PoE
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 ac
Wi-Fi transfer rate (max.) 866 MBit/s
Wi-Fi Frequency 5 GHz
Simultaneous casting Up to 4 transmitters
Special features Supports Miracast, AirPlay, Chromecast, DNLA, Shared Split Screen for up to 4 devices, Broadcasting (1 PC to up to 8 EZCast Pro II devices), Touch Back
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10, macOS X 10.11 or above, iOS 10 or above, Android 5 or above
Security CE, FCC, NCC
Manufacturer Winner Wave Limited, Taiwan
Data Sheet Download PDF